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In two months of NeurOptimal(R) training I noticed dramatic effects: positive changes in my thought patterns and anxiety levels.  Circular or disturbing thinking seemed to be met with instantaneous feedback and was stopped.  Followed by Holistic Counselling, created even greater positive change.  Gerald, Woodlands  WA.

A few months ago, I was going through a hard time both physically and mentally. I was referred to brain training by someone.  I was put in contact with Frank Kroll. I must admit that I was sceptical at first however, once I met Frank I was put at ease by Frank’s kind and sincere approach. I started with a session weekly for 6 weeks and then moved to fortnightly and now monthly.  Brain training has been amazing and has helped me cope with my stress, anxiety, and my general approach to life.  I seem to address things in a calm and clear manner now.  I would certainly encourage everyone to give Frank a call and give brain training a go.  I have chosen to continue with brain training because of the profound effect it is having on me.  Thank you, Frank

Wayne, Edgewater, WA


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