In two months of NeurOptimal(R) training I noticed dramatic effects: positive changes in my thought patterns and anxiety levels.  Circular or disturbing thinking seemed to be met with instantaneous feedback and was stopped.  Followed by Holistic Counselling, created even greater positive change.  Gerald, Woodlands  WA.

Lifelong depressive moods since the age of 16, lifted several years ago when I trained on NeurOptimal(R).  After 8 sessions I no longer felt depressed, and after 15 sessions my depressive thinking also lifted.  Holistic Counselling further changed me for the better, and also gave me the language and tools to help my family, through family systems approaches.  My situation required approaches beyond what was traditionally available.  Frank, Gwelup WA.

Counselling with Rosemary has marked a turning point in my life. Painting, drawing, sculpting, moving my body into shapes and actions, finding animals and archetypes to "become", using the power of imagination, and vocalising have all been powerful tools to help me identify and manage my emotions, and have allowed me to access and accept my creative inner child in a way that talk therapy didn't. I had been doing talk therapy for 6 years prior to this point, and I felt like I was going around in circles, expressing the same problems over and over again with slow progress. I am a person who likes DOING something about a problem, and I wanted something to DO in response to the problems I was having. Now I have affirmations to say, colours to imagine surrounding me, and physical and imagination-based techniques to use to support myself. I can help myself in the moment of a PTSD flashback, and I can strengthen myself when I am not in one. While at first I was a little shy of stomping around the room like a five year old, I soon got used to it. Rosemary also does everything alongside you, so you feel much less alone!

Doing these processes has brought me to a point where I can allow myself to experience the parts of childhood I did not have, that I needed the most, while leaving a childlike dependence on others in the past where it belongs.

"Past regressions" have been helpful, too. In these sessions your brain brings up a trauma in a metaphorical way that you can understand, and somehow, dealing with that metaphor helps me deal with the present issue very effectively.

I have recently begun neurofeedback sessions with Gwelup Counselling as well, and have noticed great improvement in my concentration levels, general awareness (I have adult ADHD, hyperactive subtype, and react poorly to medication) and management of panic and trauma-related dissociation.

Overall, working with Gwelup Counselling has helped me learn how to take control of my life--and that I can have control, no matter the situation. I can't express how meaningful this counselling method, and Rosemary's generosity of spirit in applying it, have been to my life.

Stephanie, Perth.