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NeurOptimal(R) Brain Training & Holistic Counselling in Gwelup, City of Stirling, Perth Western Australia for families, couples, singles, children, and adolescents.  Improve mental health, learning ability and performance in areas such as school, work, sports, stage, and traumatic life changes. Whole person approach of body, soul, and spirit.  Brain Training and Holistic Counselling in combination can be very effective.   


We are an Affiliate of Brain Training Australia, and use NeurOptimal(R) also described as Dynamical Neurofeedback(R), which is not a medical treatment, but instead a training for the brain. It does not require diagnosis, but rather it dances micro-second by micro-second with your brain offering it the information it needs to re-organise itself. When the brain does that, a whole lot of complaints drop away, and you feel calmer, clearer, happier and able to function better in life. 


For people of all ages: Children, aged 4 to 12.  Adolescents at secondary or tertiary education.  Young and mature adults, couples, and families.  

Key counselling interests:  Rosemary is passionate about helping children cope with all the stresses of daily life.  Frank is passionate about raising the emotional abilities of men to be able to relate better to their families and communities.


Healing & transformation involves understanding the path behind and looking towards the path ahead.  Low moods interfere with learning, performance and relationships.  In order to experience a shift into a more loving space, the three human elements of body, soul and spirit are required to produce an integrated sense of being.  The body reflects the ailments of the soul and spirit, and can be used as a therapeutic doorway, to move us from the lower mental states such as depression, up to courage, and ultimately up to love, of oneself and others.  This is a very high state of consciousness, creating a feeling of great wellbeing. 


Transform your issues from negative to positive experiences:

Mood Disorders:   stress, depression, anxiety, panic, grief & loss, anger, impulsiveness, poor habits.

Learning & Performance Difficulties:   school & work, focussing, attention, organisation, behaviour.

Relationships:   spouse, children, family systems, school & work communities, bullying, forgiveness.

Peace & Happiness:   relaxation, deeper inner peace, joy, acceptance, love of self & others, fulfillment.

Extensive research has yielded effective innovative methods of healing for ourselves, family and clients. The outcome was a combination of applied neuroscience and non-verbal artistic counselling that is easy on clients yet at a low cost.  Working as a team, we counsel individuals of all ages.  Our qualifications are:-


Frank: Adv. Dip. Holistic Counselling, Dip. Mindfulness Counselling, Certs. Trauma & Family Studies, Advanced Cert. NeurOptimal(R) Neurofeedback, Dip. Engineering, Dip. Planning. 

Rosemary: Adv. Dip. Holistic Counselling, Certs. Trauma & Family Studies, Cert. NeurOptimal(R) Neurofeedback, Dip. Teaching.

Our methods are non-verbal, hence suitable for people of all ages, considering one’s lifespan development and family system.   As inner processing improves and emotional undercurrents are resolved, so does mood, learning, performance, and adaptation to life changes.  Childhood trauma, school/work struggles, and life changes, will be transformed.  Life stage transitions are easier.  Awareness of emotions and feelings improve, more relaxed with deeper inner peace.  Learning from life more effortlessly, happier and more confident in each moment.  More love of self & others.


Located in Gwelup Perth Western Australia next to Lake Gwelup.  Fifteen kilometres north of Perth.  Exit the Mitchell Freeway via Erindale Road.  The name is derived from an aboriginal word meaning "to shift position".  Our counselling is conducted in a residential area, in a relaxed atmosphere. To make an appointment, call or text us on our mobile phones.  



1.   Brain Training - NeurOptimal(R) Neurofeedback .  $120/session.  Reduced cost packages available

Easy, noninvasive & nonverbal.  Smooths out mental turbulence and restores emotional balance.  Potential outcomes are: easier life stage transitions, awareness of emotions, deeper inner peace, easier learning, more confident, and love of self & others.  Session length 50 minutes, training time 33.


2.   Life Coaching  $80/hour

Easy & insightful.  Explore life issues through discussion and activities to develop strategies for the present & future.  Basic principles of nutrition, bodywork, breathwork, career and relationships management.

3.   Holistic Counselling $80/hour.

Self exploration & healing of difficult life issues.  Holistic whole person approach.   Gentle, and because of its leaning towards the nonverbal, is suitable for people of all ages, considers one’s lifespan development, family and social systems.

Discounts are available for multiple sessions, and health card holders.






Frank Kroll

Mob: 0404408606


Rosemary Kroll

Mob:  0414675115


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